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  • How can I pay my purchase?

    We do accept following payment methods: Debit Card. Bank Wire Transfer (Domestic/International) Please contact us by phone (+237 694 41 79 16) or email (info@afrikaexports.com) to receive our Bank account details to perform a payment.

  • How do I place an order?

    The cars you find on our website are shown as an example to our customers. In case of purchasing, we will offer you the same model and version with similar caracteristics and same price. Once you have selected the vehicle you want to purchase from among our available offers, we will send you a proforma invoice so that you can proceed to make the payment (do not forget to indicate in the transfer your full name and make and model of the vehicle you wish to purchase). For Vehicles out of stock from 3rd party suppliers (Private sellers or external vehicle dealerships in Europe). You must send the link of the advertisement to our email info@afrikaexports.com. Once the availability of the vehicle has been confirmed by the external seller, Afrika Exports will send you send you a proforma invoice including the bank details. Once full payment has been completed, the vehicle will be acquired by Afrika Exports and the shipment of the vehicle will be initiated and confirmed by Afrika Exports.

  • Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

    All prices shown in afrikaexports.com are VAT exclusive. Vehicles exported outside European Countries (EU) are not subject to include VAT.

  • Do I have to pay VAT when I buy a vehicle from you?

    Vehicles exported outside European Countries (EU) are always VAT excluded, the prices shown on Afrikaexports.com are final prices excluding VAT. If you purchase your vehicle through Afrikaexports.com, you will not have to pay the VAT.

  • Can I pay with a letter of credit?

    No, Afrika Exports does not accept letter of credit as a valid payment method.

  • Can I only arrange shipment for a vehicle already purchased?

    Yes, Afrika Exports offers you the possibility to contract only the shipment of your own vehicle previously purchased outside Afrika Exports. We provide this service to very competitive prices. For additional info and pricing details check out our ‘’Shipment’’ section on the Menu Tab on our website.

  • What are the costs of shipment?

    The vehicle shipment cost depends on the type of vehicle (Car/Van/Truck) and the origin-final destination port. Additional info available on our 'Shipping' section. For detailed pricing options please send us an email, including Brand, model, measures to info@afrikaexports.com or call us directly (+237 694 41 79 16) in order to provide you with a pricing offer.

  • Do you arrenge the transport to the port?

    Yes, Afrika Exports provides this service as well, we can arrange the pickup and transportation of your vehicle from any point on Europe to the origin port for shipment. For additional info and pricing details check out our ‘’Shipment’’ section on the Menu Tab on our website.

  • Can I place goods in vehicles?

    In Ro-Ro transport we do not recommend to place goods within the vehicle, as during the shipment/port handling can be damaged or lost, however it is under client responsibility, not Afrika Exports or the shipping line. Otherwise, if the vehicle is sent in a container it can be filled with goods to take advantage of the space.

  • How can I track my vehicle’s shipment?

    You can track your vehicle’s shipment on our ‘’Tracking’’ section, just fill in with the Vessel’s name provided on your Bill of Landing (BL) and you can see exact allocation of the shipment. Check out the Menu Tab on our website or click here. The duration of the shipment varies depending on the Origin and Destination port selected and also to climatological conditions/sea state during the shipment.

  • What in case of a Shipment delay?

    Sometimes, due to unforeseen climatological conditions/sea state the shipment could be delayed. In case of delays, Afrika Exports will keep you informed.

Please contact us for additional questions you may have, call us directly or send us an email in order to answer your appreciated question.

Phone numbers:
+237 694 41 79 16 (English / French / German)
+237 650 65 75 59 (English / French / German)
+34 667 30 16 61 (Spanish)

Email: info@afrikaexports.com

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



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